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Are you concerned about the quality of your sleep? Today, I will talk about the role of amino acids in escaping shallow sleep and achieving deep rest.

The Problem of Shallow Sleep and Amino Acids

Shallow sleep does not adequately recover physical and mental fatigue. Deep sleep is essential for maintaining health, as it facilitates the secretion of growth hormone, repairs body tissues, and organizes memories.

Improving Sleep Quality with Amino Acids

Particularly noteworthy are two amino acids: tryptophan and glycine.

Tryptophan: One of the essential amino acids, it is a precursor to serotonin. Serotonin affects the production of melatonin, which enhances sleep quality. Glycine: Helps regulate body temperature during sleep and has a calming effect on the body and mind, promoting deep sleep. Who Is It Recommended For? Those struggling with sleep quality: It is especially recommended for those who find it difficult to achieve deep sleep. People living a stressful life: Promotes mental relaxation and supports quality sleep. Changes in the Body Due to Amino Acid Intake

By consuming amino acids, you can expect the following positive changes:

Enhanced recovery from fatigue: Deep sleep promotes the recovery of physical and mental fatigue. Improved wakefulness in the morning: Quality sleep allows you to wake up feeling refreshed. In conclusion

Quality sleep is the foundation of beauty and health. Incorporating amino acids wisely can help improve the quality of daily life.

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