Breast Cancer Risk and Estrogen: The Effects of High Hormone Levels on Your Body

Welcome to the world of MaryGraceSpa, your access to esthetic beauty and health professionals. Thank you for visiting us! In our previous blog, we discussed “Strategies for Maintaining Estrogen Levels.” This time, we will talk about breast cancer risk and estrogen: the effects that high levels of hormones can have on your body. We hope to be of some help to you.

For women, the key to enhancing their radiance and maintaining beauty is hormonal balance. The hormone “estrogen” plays an important role in governing femininity. However, when this precious estrogen is either deficient or excessively high, it can have various effects on our bodies.

Speaking from the experience of observing many women’s skin and bodily changes as an esthetician at MaryGraceSpa, the balance of estrogen has an importance that goes beyond merely “boosting femininity.” So, what precautions are necessary when estrogen levels are too high? And how should we manage those risks? Let’s take a closer look.

Risks Associated with Excess Estrogen

  1. Hormonal Imbalance: Too much estrogen can disrupt the balance with another hormone, progesterone, leading to severe symptoms of menstrual irregularity and PMS.
  2. Breast Pain and Swelling: Increased estrogen can affect sensitive breast tissue, causing pain and swelling.
  3. Weight Gain: High estrogen levels can make the body retain water and promote fat accumulation, which may lead to weight gain.
  4. Mood Fluctuations: An excess of estrogen can cause mood swings, worsening symptoms of depression, and anxiety.
  5. Hormone-Dependent Cancer Risk: Unfortunately, long-term high levels of estrogen can increase the risk of hormone-dependent cancers, such as breast and endometrial cancer. Early detection of these gender-specific cancers is key to increasing survival rates, so vigilant self-examination and regular health check-ups are essential.

Approaches to Avoid Excess Estrogen

Regular Health Check-Ups: Hormonal states fluctuate, so it is vital to check estrogen levels through regular health exams. Blood tests can accurately inform you of your hormonal balance.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits: A balanced diet, sufficient sleep, and regular exercise are the basics for maintaining hormonal balance. Stress particularly affects estrogen levels, so it’s important to keep a calm mind through relaxation techniques and hobbies.

Following Doctor’s Advice: Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can increase estrogen levels, but should be done under strict medical supervision. Regularly check your levels to avoid excess.

Caution with Supplements and Herbs: Supplements and herbs that may affect estrogen are available, but consult with a doctor or nutritional expert before use. Professional insights are required to avoid unnecessary risks.

A Word of Advice from MaryGraceSpa

At MaryGraceSpa, we believe that caring for the skin and balancing hormones leads to overall beauty. Knowing your body and leading a proper lifestyle is important. Sometimes seeking professional advice is key to managing estrogen properly.

We want to support your “feminine power” through the theme of “True Feminine Beauty Brought by Estrogen Balance.” MaryGraceSpa is always here for your beauty and health.

We wholeheartedly support your beauty and health!

As your best partner for beauty and health, MARYGRACESPA is always here to support you. We hope that you can spend time of relaxation and happiness in your new normal.

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