Experience the ultimate journey of holistic beauty at MaryGraceSpa

Experience the ultimate journey of holistic beauty at MaryGraceSpa

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Our holistic beauty here goes beyond mere external appearance, it’s a special philosophy that seeks harmony of the mind, body, and soul. Why not experience the comfort of aesthetic treatments, the healing of Lomi Lomi, and the human love-filled secrets of MaryGraceSpa’s holistic beauty?

Magic of Diet: “As what you eat is who you are,” at MaryGraceSpa, we value a diet based on fresh organic ingredients as the source of beauty and health.

Power of Lomi Lomi: Lomi Lomi is supreme as a mind-body exercise. It has a magical power that offers peace of mind, stretches cells, reduces stress, promotes blood circulation, and activates metabolism.

Towards a Stress-free Everyday: Experience the ultimate stress management at MaryGraceSpa by combining the relaxation of aromatherapy, aesthetic treatments, the healing of Lomi Lomi, meditation, and deep breathing techniques.

Cosmetics Blessed by Nature: The skin is a precious organ of our body. At MaryGraceSpa, we choose cosmetics centered on natural ingredients to maintain beauty.

Relaxation Time for Mind and Body: We offer a variety of treatments that refresh both the mind and body, such as facials and reflexology.

It’s not just about external beauty, but also the health of the mind and the harmony of the body that MaryGraceSpa’s holistic beauty values. Beauty shines from within. Through this journey, why not attain true beauty and discover a new you✨

The word “holistic” originates from the Greek word “holos”, meaning “all” or “whole”. The philosophy and concept of holism emphasize the whole over parts. The following details the main concepts and philosophies of holism:

  1. Wholeness: Holistic approaches focus on the relationships and collaborations of the whole rather than considering individual parts in isolation.
  2. Interconnectedness: Everything and every phenomenon is believed to be interconnected and influence each other in holistic views.
  3. Self-regulation and Self-healing: Life forms are believed to naturally have the ability to regain balance. Given the right support and environment, the body and mind can exert their healing powers.
  4. Emphasis on Prevention: Focus is placed on preventing causes and risks of diseases or problems before they arise.
  5. Personalized Care: Holistic approaches value individualized care based on personal needs and backgrounds.

Diving deeper into the philosophy of holism:

  1. Body Balance: Holism is based on the belief that the body naturally wants to maintain balance.
  2. Mind-Body Connection: The mind and body are closely related, with mental states affecting physical health.
  3. Relationship with the External Environment: Individual health is deeply related to their living environment, community, and social surroundings.
  4. Natural Care: Holistic approaches tend to favor natural remedies, based on the idea that humans are a part of nature.
  5. Self-care and Self-improvement: Holism believes that individuals have the responsibility to manage and improve their own health and happiness.
  6. Prevention and Education: Holistic healthcare providers emphasize disease prevention and patient education.

Holistic thinking emphasizes seeing human life and health as a whole, going beyond a partial perspective. This approach encourages people to be more conscious and take responsibility for their health and happiness.

The holistic approach emphasizes understanding human life and health as a whole, transcending a partial perspective. This approach encourages people to be more conscious of their health and well-being and to take personal responsibility.

  1. Emotional and Physical Health:

The holistic approach is based on the recognition that emotional health deeply affects physical health. Repressed emotions or unresolved trauma can be the cause of physical ailments and diseases. Therefore, resolving emotional issues through counseling and techniques for releasing emotions is a central part of holistic health efforts.

  1. Energy and Vibrations:

Holistic philosophy entails the idea that everything, including humans, animals, plants, and inanimate objects, has specific energy and vibrations. It is believed that the balance and harmony of these energies affect health and well-being.

  1. Continuous Learning and Growth:

Health is not static but an evolving process. In a holistic approach, it is believed that individuals can maintain optimal health by constantly learning new information and improving themselves.

  1. Connection with Community:

An individual’s health and happiness are considered in relation to the community and society to which they belong. Support networks and social connections are essential for mental health and overall well-being.

The holistic approach aims to provide tools and resources for people to understand their bodies, minds, and souls more deeply, and as a result, live more meaningful, healthy lives. It seeks to improve quality of life and self-fulfillment, pursuing true happiness, beyond merely treating illnesses or ailments.

In delving into a holistic approach, one notable practice to consider is the ‘Lomi Lomi’ session.

Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian traditional healing technique that helps re-establish harmony in the mind, body, and soul.

As holistic philosophy teaches, our bodies are complexes of emotions, energy, and vibrations, and we feel the healthiest when all these are in harmony. Lomi Lomi sessions consider these elements, promoting deep relaxation and realignment at a profound level. The hand movements, rhythms, and natural oils used ease mental and physical tension and stress, optimizing energy flow.

Furthermore, Lomi Lomi helps release emotional blocks and repressed emotions.

Through these sessions, many individuals experience deep emotional release and self-insight. This aligns perfectly with the holistic concepts of ‘mind-body connection’ and ’emotional and physical health.’

For these reasons, experiencing a Lomi Lomi session is highly beneficial for those pursuing a holistic lifestyle. It offers more than a mere massage, providing healing and integration at a deep level for both mind and body.

In our journey to realize mental and physical balance and overall health, Lomi Lomi will play a central and fascinating role.

Invitation to Aromatherapy Lomi Lomi Workshop

Dear All, Have you ever felt the deep connection between mind and body and wanted to support your family’s health from the palms of your hands?

MaryGraeSpa is hosting an Aromatherapy Lomi Lomi workshop. This is an opportunity to learn a unique technique where Lomi Lomi practitioners prioritize communication with cells and the spirit during sessions. By mastering this technique, you can deeply sense your family’s health and provide appropriate care.

Having even one person in the family who can offer Lomi Lomi sessions can introduce a new approach to safeguarding everyone’s health daily. By combining the scent of aromatherapy and Lomi Lomi techniques, you can incorporate healing for both mind and body into your daily life.

In our workshop, we’ll teach not just the basic Aromatherapy Lomi Lomi techniques but also provide advice and tips to support your family’s health.

We eagerly await your participation. Let’s learn together the new skills to protect and enhance your family’s health and happiness.

Won’t you increase the smiles of your family with your own hands? Experience our heartfelt Aromatherapy Lomi Lomi workshop!

For the love of your family and yourself, why not learn hands-on care infused with deep affection? This is a golden opportunity to directly learn the Aromatherapy Lomi Lomi technique, which is currently gaining attention among homemakers.

  1. Beginner Course Transform love for your family into action. Start with small daily cares and learn steps to build a foundation for your family’s health. Even beginners can confidently enrich their family’s lives and health with heartfelt techniques. This course lets you learn the basics and techniques useful for daily health management. We hope you’ll take this first step with us to lay a foundation for health.
  2. Basic Course Techniques to further deepen the bond. Through care from both physical and mental perspectives, you liberate your loved ones and balance their energy. Master the deeper sensations of Lomi Lomi with loving techniques. This course helps you achieve release, adjustment, and balance of energy from within. With this, you’ll be empowered to support your family’s journey to even better health.
  3. Advanced Course Pursue dreams and spread love. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to provide care filled with love not only to your family but also to many others. Moreover, you’ll be equipped to take the first step in opening your own salon. Learn all the expertise and know-how to make your dream a reality. Let’s take this significant step in the course together.

Your warm care can heal your family’s hearts and bring more smiles. Won’t you explore this vast potential with us in this workshop?

Let’s shape your love and passion together. Seats are limited, so please apply early. In this workshop, you’ll acquire professional Aromatherapy Lomi Lomi skills to support the health and happiness of your family and those around you. Let’s take the first step to see more smiles in your family’s daily life through this workshop.

To realize your dreams, we have limited seats to just 8 participants.

Please contact us soon. This time, under the theme of “family,” participation of couples is also welcomed.

You can also view other course contents here: https://mary-grace.com/marygraceacademy-course/

Apply now: https://mary-grace.com/marygraceacadmy-application/

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