Hinamatsuri Special Project – Wishing for Girls’ Health and a Bright Future

Hello everyone, this is MaryGraceSpa. Today, March 3rd, is the colorful “Hinamatsuri” where homes are adorned with beautiful Hina dolls. On this beautiful day, which prays for the health and happiness of girls, we send our heartfelt celebration messages to all.

Hinamatsuri is a traditional Japanese event that celebrates the growth and happiness of girls. In this season, which announces the arrival of spring, peach blossoms bloom beautifully, filling our hearts with warmth.

Wishes for Health and a Shining Future At MaryGraceSpa, we wholeheartedly support the girls as they grow up healthy and move toward a bright future. We value not only physical but also mental health, and hope that happiness and beauty can be incorporated into daily life.

The Charm of Moonstone, a Guardian of Beauty In connection with Hinamatsuri, we reintroduce the charm of Moonstone, a gemstone that wishes for the beauty and happiness of girls. Moonstone symbolizes love and beauty, and is said to bring out inner radiance when worn. Why not choose a Moonstone as a talisman or a gift for this Hinamatsuri?

Aromas that Herald the Arrival of Spring With the arrival of spring, we introduce the fragrances of aromas that refresh our hearts and bodies. Scents like rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang gently soothe the heart with the warm winds of spring and beautifully color the start of the new season.

At MaryGraceSpa, we sincerely hope that all girls will have a healthy, rich-hearted, and beautifully shining future. We would be honored if our salon could be used as a reward for yourself or as a gift for a loved one during this beautiful Hinamatsuri period.

On this day that heralds the arrival of spring, may a happy spring breeze blow into everyone’s hearts. May it be a wonderful year filled with beauty, health, and happiness.

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MaryGrace Spa is here to support your beauty and health.

This spring, let’s celebrate a new beginning together. Aloha! 🌸