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Today, let’s talk about the relationship between our body weight and stress. In recent years, weight management has become increasingly crucial, and some of you may find losing weight to be a challenging task. Behind this lies the spotlight on stress and its effects on our bodies.

What Is Stress?

Firstly, what exactly is stress? Stress is the physiological and psychological response we have when dealing with pressures and anxieties in our daily lives. During these times, our bodies undergo several changes. For example, our sympathetic nervous system becomes more active, and the secretion of stress hormones like cortisol increases.

Changes in Appetite

Have you ever felt the impact of stress? In reality, many people experience an increase in appetite when stressed. They tend to reach for high-calorie foods, and this is because stress affects the neurotransmitters that control our appetite.

Impact on Energy Metabolism

Furthermore, stress also influences our energy metabolism. Some individuals experience a decrease in energy expenditure due to stress, making it easier for body fat to accumulate. This is related to an imbalance in hormones.

Eastern Medicine Perspective

Eastern medicine believes that behind weight gain lies the balance of energy within the body and emotional well-being. Here’s how they understand it:

Disruption of Energy Flow

Eastern medicine suggests that stress disrupts the energy flow within the body, leading to the accumulation of energy and making it easier for body fat to build up. When energy flow is obstructed, metabolism slows down, and body fat becomes more likely to accumulate.

Recommendation of Relaxation Techniques

Moreover, Eastern medicine recommends relaxation techniques such as MARYGRACESPA’s Lomi Lomi and esthetic care, as well as practices like meditation and yoga. These methods help alleviate stress, improve emotional well-being, and potentially contribute to weight management.

Addressing the Challenge of Hard-to-Lose Weight

Have you ever wondered why stress and emotional factors can affect weight management, making it difficult to shed those extra pounds? MARYGRACESPA is dedicated to supporting your health and beauty needs, and we are here to help you address the challenges of stress and weight management. Understanding that stress can increase appetite and disrupt energy metabolism is essential.

MARYGRACESPA’s Lomi Lomi Sessions

In your everyday life, comprehending how stress affects your body is an integral part of maintaining a healthy weight. Stress can increase appetite and interfere with energy metabolism, so it’s crucial to tackle this issue.

We offer Lomi Lomi sessions to assist you in achieving your ideal body shape. This traditional Hawaiian massage helps adjust your body’s energy, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. It aids in resolving emotional imbalances, restoring energy flow within the body, and regaining emotional balance. Additionally, it mitigates the negative effects of stress on weight management and supports a healthy body shape.

Booking Steps

Experience MARYGRACESPA’s Lomi Lomi and enhance your journey toward healthy weight management. Booking is easy:

  • Phone Reservation: Feel free to call us to make a reservation, and our staff will assist you.
  • Online Reservation: Easily book through our website. Check for availability and select your preferred date and time.

Let’s Achieve Your Ideal Body Together

Our mission is to support your health and beauty journey. Through MARYGRACESPA’s Lomi Lomi sessions, you can find relief from stress and work toward achieving your ideal body. Please don’t hesitate to make a reservation and embark on a fresh start with us.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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