Winter Beauty Measures: A Blissful Care Experience at MaryGraceSpa

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In mid-November, as the cold deepens, our bodies face numerous changes. Especially, skin dryness and decreased immunity are keenly felt with the onset of winter. In this article, we will introduce recommended skincare methods for this seasonal transition and the comfortable experiences available at MaryGraceSpa.

The Importance of the Spine, the Center of the Body: The spine, located at the center of our body, is a crucial part where many nerves converge. From an anatomical perspective, the spine is the communication hub of the entire body, and cooling this area can affect the functioning of the whole body. The cold of winter can lead to decreased resistance and immunity through the spine. Therefore, measures against cold are extremely important for maintaining health.

Moisturizing Care at MaryGraceSpa: At MaryGraceSpa, we offer treatments focused particularly on moisturization as a countermeasure against dry skin in winter. Products containing castor oil are especially recommended. Castor oil provides high moisturizing power and strengthens the skin’s barrier function, offering hydration to dry skin. In addition to castor oil, MaryGraceSpa offers a variety of products using natural ingredients, providing care tailored to each individual’s skin type.

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