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Men’s esthetics-slimming, facials, small faces

Cool and clean. Information on men’s esthetics for MENS

Even men want to be beautiful… Being healthy, attractive, and beautiful is a dream of both men and women.

Our beauty salon not only realizes the “beauty” of the body, but also
focuses on health management and healing of the mind and skin so that you can shine from the inside.

Recommended men’s esthetic course♪

Refresh your appearance and mind ♪ Body care

I want to aim for higher-grade MENs. This course is recommended for such men♪

Lomi-lomi is also loved by
many men as a massage method that eliminates worries such as “I want to do something about my belly fat” and “I want to tone my muscles more”ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Men’s esthetics is MaryGraceSpa, which enhances the happiness of men.
Many men are very satisfied with their unexpected happiness, beauty and health.

We also do facials.

By appointment only.

Even if you don’t stay in a room at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel in Narita

Esthetic services are available.

Relieve the tense emotions and stress that arise in your busy daily life with an extraordinary relaxation time at the hotel.

Liberation Awakens your own healing power for beauty and health, and enhances your own natural healing power. In addition, recovery from fatigue, maintenance of motivation that springs up from the inside, management of mind and emotions, health management, etc.

We will support you through esthetics and lomilomi.

For customers who do not stay at the esthetic salon

If you are a “customer not staying at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Narita” and want to make a reservation for a beauty treatment salon, please contact us before making the reservation.

After registering as a member of MaryGraceSpa , you can use it smoothly at the visitor rate .


Relieve the tense emotions and stress that arise in your hectic daily life in an extraordinary and blissful hotel room.

Release with relaxation time

Awaken your own healing power for beauty and health and enhance your own natural healing power.

In addition, recovery from fatigue, maintenance of a happy mind from the inside, management of motivation and emotions,

We will support your health management through Soul Esthetic.

Thank you for visiting MaryGraCeSpa.
We look forward to helping you.
ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Narita Marie Grace Spa sanada mariko

We would be happy if you could feel the “hospitality of beauty” with love and gratitude from our representative esthetician .

Thank you very much for your relationship with everyone.

Marie Grace Spa offers authentic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and esthetic care in the luxurious space of the hotel, so that men and women can spend a happy time. By performing the treatment that the mind and body need, the brain, body and nerves will be comfortable and lead to health. Lomi-Lomi technique makes both men and women beautiful and happy

Please spend a peaceful and peaceful time. Please come and experience the new custom.

With our prayers for “beautiful, healthy, happy, and peaceful days,” we will support both men and women so that they can experience “beauty and elegance,” “happiness,” and “health.” I wish to

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