Our intention for our clients is to help them rejuvenate their energy
to soothe and enjoy their relaxation time with us.
*As a result of the change in tax rate, consumption taxes will be calculated each time at a revised tax rate.


Treatments are available from 50 minutes. (Limited to business partner hotels) *We accept reservations from 60 minutes for guests who are not staying at the hotel or who want only esthetic treatment in their room.

You can freely choose combinations such as A+B+C. Or leave it to us.
Both can be combined in units of 10 minutes. Course can be changed after counseling.
For facials, please make a reservation in advance.

¥2,000 for 10 minutes (¥2,200 with tax) if you choose menu A or C

Price list

Treatment time Esthetic fee in your room Esthetic fee for hotel guests “in another room” Visitor fee for esthetic only
50 minutes 11,000 yen (tax included) 14,300 yen (tax included) 14,300 yen (tax included)

¥1,500 for 10 minutes (¥1,650 with tax) if you select the BDE menu

Price list

Treatment time Esthetic fee in your room Esthetic fee for hotel guests “in another room” Visitor fee for esthetic only
50 minutes 8,250 yen (tax included) 11,550 yen (tax included) 11,550 yen (tax included)

pair esthetic

Both A to F courses can be taken by two people. A gentle beauty treatment time for women, couples, or just the two of you will  your mind and body  It’s also popular for beauty treatments on the way home from work, after golf, or on holidays.
* I’m going to treat you in order due to the prevention of corona infection.


“Home” and “non-affiliated hotel” menu price is uniform for 10 minutes ¥ 2,000 (tax included ¥ 2,200): slimming / hot stone ¥ 3,000 tax included ¥ 3,300)


A Aroma Hawaian Lomilomi


By deeply applying pressure on the muscles and the nerves in the brain,
it will unwind your muscles and your mind.At the same time the flow of bodily lymph will promote circulaiton. This Lomilomi massage will lead you to
a slimmer body and many male clients also enjoy this relaxation.

Aroma Oil Reflexology


Internal organs,feet,and mind will feel greatly restored by applying
pressure on the bottom of feet.

This will help your blood circulation by rubbing thoroughly on all
points of your feet.

Facial Lift up Massage


After cleansing the face we will massage it.Depending on time,
will use a machine such as a facial streamer.
Please advise the front desk for “FACIAL MASSAGE”
(Cource change on the spot cannot be entertained)

Aroma Lymph Massage


This type of massage is designed to promote the healthy flow of lymph,
by gentle pressure on the lymph node.

Slimming Massage

10分 ¥2,500円 (税込¥2,750円)

We give assistance to increase the lipolytic enzyme secretion of the part
which is to carry out of fat and cellulite.
“Please note:some people might feel temporary in pain during the treatment,
depends on their health condition,Please consent before reservation.

Pair Esthetic

With your friend, or with your loved one.Quiet time for two will relax
your mind and body.After a long day at work or even an esthetic date
on your holiday,it’s your choice!

Details of an esthetic course

Please inform us the time you would like to make your appointment.
You may change your course after counseling.
(Reservation Time 14:00am~Final Acceptance23:00) Open Time:14:00~23:00

※ All treatments are for a minimum of 50 minutes.
Please inform us your name,room number and the number of people when you make your reservation.
※Please make your payment at the “Therapist” Pre-Paid or Cash only.

Other notes

* Treatments are available from 50 minutes. You can freely choose combinations such as A+B+C. Or leave it to us.
Both can be combined in units of 10 minutes. In addition, the course can be changed after counseling.

We ask all customers to sign the following pledge before the treatment. After confirming the “Contract”, it will be considered that you have agreed to the contract by making a reservation.


Consent Form EnglishMaryGraceSpa.pdf


Thank you for your understanding.

*When appointing an esthetician, a nomination fee of 2,000 yen will be charged.
*Treatments are available at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Narita, Sakura Daiichi Hotel, Hotel Nikko Narita, Mitsui Garden Hotel Chiba, Center Hotel, and Hotel Yokohama Camelot Japan. Details can be found at Hotel Esthe Spa.
* Service content and fees may vary slightly depending on the hotel where you receive the treatment.
* If you use a business trip beauty treatment salon in Tokyo, at home, at a non-affiliated hotel, or at a desired location, the service fee will differ depending on the member’s rank.

Please refer to the member rate.

Thank you for your inquiry. This is Mary Grace Spa. Please check the following HP: URL.



In addition, you will be required to agree to the contract and present your passport and personal information.
A contract signature is required. Please have your signature and a copy of your ID ready.


If you register as a member (free), please make a reservation.
Please use the form below. Google Translate feature is on the top right. Please take advantage of it.


Member registration →



You can make a reservation once you have registered as a member.
The amount will be the URL below.
10,000 yen will be added to the price for business trips to hotels outside of business partnerships.


Thank you for your inquiry.
God bless you

To customers

All customers who visit the hotel (ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Narita) and who only use esthetics can use the esthetics visitor rate of hotel members smoothly after registering as a Mary GraceSpa member. Even if you are a first-time user, you can make a reservation by registering as a member .
*For unaffiliated hotels, designated locations, and on-site esthetic services to your home , use by customers who are not registered as regular members.

I refuse. Thank you for your understanding.

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